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When you are thinking about expanding your family through adoption or are considering adoption for your child, navigating the steps of adoption - before and after a child is born - may be daunting.  Malik Law LLC can guide you through Independent (Private) or Agency adoptions.

Independent Adoptions are those where the birth/biological parents and the adoptive parents locate each other and coordinate the adoption privately.  Both sets of parents can and should be represented by their own attorney.  Stepparent adoptions are a type of Independent Adoption. You can read more about the specifics of stepparent adoptions here.

Agency Adoptions are those where the adoptive parents adopt the child through an agency.  The agency can be either public (for example, the county department of social services) or private, licensed child placing agencies that are privately owned and operated (for example, Catholic Charities). The agency works to terminate the parental rights of the biological parents and can then place the child for adoption.

The adoption process involves numerous steps including:
*Home Study for the adoptive parents
*Consent to Guardianship by the Birth/Biological Parent
*Agreement regarding post-adoption contact
*Petition for Adoption
*Gathering and submitting other documentation including the adopting parent's health information, income information or obtaining the consent of a child greater than 10 years of age
*Understanding the hospital's policies when adopting an infant