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Estate Planning
Planning your estate and your children's care while you are alive and well is very important to consider at any age or income range to ensure that your future is managed according to your wishes and not according to your state's laws.
Everyone has an estate plan, but it may not be the one you want.  Without an executed Last Will and Testament, the State of Maryland will distribute your property per the intestate laws.  The truth is that creating your own Last Will and Testament is necessary to ensure that your property is distributed per your wishes and your children's future is protected.  Wills should include at least the following:
-Who will manage your estate upon your death
-Distributions or bequests to your family, friends, charities, religious institution  or other entities
-Guardianship of minor children
-Funeral expenses and arrangements
-Guidelines if a child is receiving under the Will

Malik Law can work with you in preparing your Estate Plan
-Last Will and Testament
-Healthcare Power of Attorney and Advance Directive (setting forth your how your healthcare decisions should be managed in the event your unable to make such decisions)
-Financial Power of Attorney

Malik Law LLC provides flat fee rates for drafting your estate planning documents.