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Family Law 101 Webinar
Join Sarah Malik for a Family Law 101 Webinar (see schedule and registration).**  The 1 hour Webinar will discuss the procedural and substantive nuts and bolts of a divorce or custody action in Maryland.  A sampling of the topics include:

*What does the process in court look like?
*What are my options to pursue the case outside of the courtroom?
*What does the court consider in awarding physical or legal custody? child support? property? alimony?
*When will my divorce be final?
*What do I need to do to open a case?

*What papers do I need to file if I am starting a case or if I have been served?
*What should I consider if I am trying to negotiate a settlement?
*What types of evidence do I need to gather and present to court?

**Please note that this Webinar is intended to provide listeners with a general overview of the procedural process of a family law case and  the things to consider when pursuing a case in or out of court. The Webinar is not intended to provide case-specific advice to any of the webinar attendees.  No attorney client relationship is formed from this Webinar.  The Webinar attendees are under no obligation to schedule a follow-up consultation with Ms. Malik. 

The webinar is LIVE. You can listen and participate in the PRIVACY of your own space. Your name and information are not shared with any other third party or participant.